Trailer Rental Kuwait, UAE

Al Fereeh Transport is a leading tipper and trailer rental in Kuwait, UAE. We offer the best performing vehicles for heavy load transportation. You can take these heavy vehicles to other countries of GCC as long as you are observing the rules and regulations.

Period for Trailer Rental

We do not restrict the time for renting a tipper or trailer. You can take the vehicle for as long as you want, i.e., weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. For the transportation of soil, sand, bricks, and other building materials, our vehicles are always ready. Our trailers for rent in Kuwait are carrying the latest functionalities for the driver and loading and unloading the materials.

The capacity of Tipper and Trailers

One of the significant problems that occur while transporting building materials is the capacity of vehicles. The tippers and trailer rental in AL-FEREEH Transport are around twenty-five to forty tons of capacity. Any kind of material can be loaded on the trailers, either it is sand, cement blocks. The volume of the trucks is between twenty to forty square meters, making them wide enough to load all kinds of stuff.

Major Types of Trailers for Rental

There are hundreds of types of trucks; we are not going for any list to mention all those. Four axle heavy trucks and trucks with multiple unloading options are the two main types of vehicles used for transporting materials in Kuwait. Tell us your requirements for a trailer rental in Dubai, and we will provide you the best matching vehicle for your needs. All of our trucks and trailers are insured and excellent in condition. For information and bookings, you can call us at the mentioned numbers at any time of the day.